Thursday, January 8, 2009

New forum?

Yup. New forum for us nerfers. Here it is:
Thats created my friend Silentscope. Its pretty new, but we need more users.

P.S. I'm an admin.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New writers?

Yup. Silentscope will be most likely a new writer to help out around here. 

Just thought I'd let you know!!

P.S.S. New post comming tomorrow or wednesday!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stefans (homemade darts)

This is an article a very awesome nerfer wrote for the blog. He is from Foam Universe (the BEST nerf forum). Here it is:

Fellow Nerfers! I'm known as Rocco on Foam Universe, and I've been asked to broach the topic of Stefans. Stefans are a home-made foam Nerf dart. It’s bulk consists of a type of industrial foam called FBR(foam backing rod). It’s original use is for a backing for sealant. . . this is not the case when a Nerfer sees it, though. It is also called caulk saver more commonly. The rest of the dart is made of a weight, usually a fishing weight or BB and a dome of hot-glue. The process of making them is cutting, drying, burning, weighting and hot-glueing. Cutting: you cut the rod into a desirable length. Drying: There are multiple ways to do this, it’s a preference thing. Some choose to put them into a bag and throw them in the dryer, others prefer to use a hairdryer. Burning: using the tip of a glue-gun, you burn holes into each side to make room for weights and lightens one side(giving direction). Weighting: Using a fishing weight or a washer, once again, gives the dart direction so it doesn’t flop around. And here we arrive at the last step; hot-glueing: You make a dome of hot-glue on the tip for resilience and to keep the weight in. And then you’re done. Go shoot something(and hope you hit something)!

There you go! An awesome article by Rocco! Here is a video by Forsakenangel24 on his versions of stefans I take no credit for that video it is entirely his. You should defiantely check out his mods and videos!

Nerf On!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

What Is Nerf Modding? And Updates.

Nerf modding is he taking apart of nerf guns and making them better. how to make them better is a matter of which gun. Usually you take out the air restrictors and add a new barrel. You can also make stefans (homemade darts). All of this info can be found on the websites to the right.

The Beginning

Hey! I made this for all the people who dont know what modding nerf guns is. And for the people who need reference to other sites. This is only the beginning and I am busy today, so nothing awesome will be up yet. On the side I will put up all the great NERF sites I get on, and the ones that are also out there. I will be adding music also. If you have any other good sites I dont have listed, comment and tell me what they are.

~Nerf On!